English-speaking tour guide services in Italy

Contrary to most tour operators in Europe, City Tours did not start as a bus company or a local incoming agency, but as a tour guide agency. True to our origins, we still think the most important point in planning a sightseeing tour or a bus trip is to carefully select tour guides that are not only highly reliable, but also entertaining and friendly. For we never forget that the success of a travel mostly depends on the quality of the tour guide service.

This is why booking tour guide services via City Tours Italy proves much less adventurous than picking up a guide from any tour guide list out of sheer chance. Indeed, booking from City Tours Italy offers the following advantages:

  • we work together with a large network of professionally licensed tour guides all around Italy - for many different languages
  • before hiring a new guide for the first time, we always ask our local business partners for exact information about him / her
  • we constantly check the quality of our services thanks to communication with our partners and to customer feedback.
  • to many tour guides all around Europe, City Tours is an important customer who they do not want to antagonize: that's why they make their best for us and for our customers

Of course, in spite of our carefully selecting, commissioning and monitoring the tour guides that work with us, mistakes or misunderstandings can still happen from time to time. Nobody is perfect - yet we try our best to improve our services every day - and that's what we are expecting as well from the guides we work with. We would be delighted if you decided to try out our service quality and entrust us with your English-speaking guided tour or sightseeing bus tour in Italy. We assure you that we do all that is humanly possible so that each of our customers gets the best quality for their guided tour and the best service by their English-speaking tour guide. We are looking forward to your booking!

How to book guides via City Tours Italy

If you want to hire a tour guide for a walking tour, a sightseeing bus tour or any other sightseeing service in Italy, please send us your request including as much relevant information as possible at . We will contact you in very little time and inform you about tour guides' availability, the different sightseeing tours possible and their prices. The entire team of City Tours Italy is looking forward to your email!