Tour operator City Tours Italy

tour operator italyThe website is brought to you by the tour operator City Tours Italy, a subsidiary company belonging 100% to tour operator City Tours. The following information can be of importance when concluding a contract with City Tours Italy:

Legal notice of City Tours Italy

  • Company name: City Tours Italia s.r.l.
  • Type of business entity: limited liability company with only one associate
  • Associate: City Tours GmbH (100%)
  • Legal seat: I-39012 - Merano (BZ), via Goethe 7
  • Capital stock: Euro 10.000,00, entirely subscribed and transferred
  • Company registration number at the court of Bolzano: 02724090218
  • VAT identification number: 02724090218
  • Tour operator's license number at the province of Bolzano: 36.1/HH/KW/73.04260032
  • Chamber membership: hds unione
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: +39 0473 98 00 37
  • Mobile: +39 0473 98 00 37
  • Fax: +39 0473 42 75 20
  • Bank: Cassa Raiffeisen Merano
  • IBAN: IT61K0813358592000030103011

Information about the associates

The company City Tours Italia s.r.l. is controlled by its 100% owner City Tours G.m.b.H. with its legal seat at A-1120 - Wien, Rosaliagasse 19/6, company registration number FN 355042 x at the court of commerce in Vienna (Austria), italian tax identification number 91051700218. The director and only legal representant of City Tours Italia s.r.l. is Alexander Ehrlich.

Get in touch with City Tours Italy

The team of tour operator City Tours Italy is at your disposal for any questions concerning our company and our tourism service in Italy. You can reach us by mail at as well as by phone at +39 0473 98 00 37.