Tour representative service in Italy

Apart from professional English-speaking tour guides, City Tours Italy can also provide you with experienced tour managers who will make sure your bus trip in Italy or your bus trip starting from Italy is taking place as planned and without problems. With a smile on their lips, our reliable tour representatives will assist you all along your travel, decide on the times for sightseeing programmes, assure contact between the tourist party and their bus driver - and with the staff in restaurants, hotels and sights.

Thanks to our tour managers's talent for organization, you can fully enjoy your travel without worrying about organization - and yet be sure that everything will take place just as you want it to. What's more, our tour representatives will also assist you in case of a breakdown or any other unexpected problem, know what there is to do - and even do their best so that no problem does happen.

In a country like Italy, where many rules are unusual to most tourists, the presence of an English-speaking tour representative that knows the country is of great importance and can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful travel. This is reinforced by the fact that our tour representatives are never alone: each tour representative from City Tours - and by extension each person travelling with City Tours - can anytime get the whole potential of City Tours Europe's network at his / her disposal!

Booking your tour representative services via City Tours Italy opens the following advantages to you:

  • execution of the travel as planned in the contract
  • competent time management
  • friendly customer service
  • quick help in case of unexpected difficulties
  • assistance by both our English-speaking tour representative on-site and - indirectly - our entire team in our central office

How to book tour representative services via City Tours Italy

Our professional Italian tour representatives can assist you all along your bus trip, no matter if you booked the travel itself with us or with another tour operator, or even if you organized it yourself. In any case, they will make sure everything is taking place as planned in the programme and provide the tourist party with the best assistance all along their journey! If you want to enlist our tour management services in Italy, please send us an email including as much information as possible regarding your travel at . We will answer you in very little time and let you know if we have any tour representative available for your travel - and how much the service you need would cost. The whole team of City Tours Italy is looking forward to your message!